Blake Shelton Surprises 8-Year-Old Farming Enthusiast

The Jennifer Hudson Show/YouTube

Jackson Laux, an 8-year-old fan of all things farming, appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show recently and was surprised with a special message from Blake Shelton.

Jackson Laux isn’t an ordinary grade schooler. He is a viral TikTok star who has amassed nearly 400,000 followers due to his love of farming and farming equipment, especially that manufactured by John Deere.

The well-spoken kiddo is an encyclopedia of farming knowledge, having gained it through conversations with his parents and grandparents. He is also a real-life farmer from Indiana. But, it’s not just his knowledge that has gained him a massive fan base. Jackson is an old soul through and through, as evidenced by how he carries himself and his uncanny ability to interact with people.

It’s A Jackson Thing/YouTube

Few 8-year-olds have the maturity and confidence of Jackson Laux. During a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Laux surprised the host with his vast knowledge of tractor models, engines, and more. But Jackson got a surprise of his own when Hudson revealed that one of his favorite country music artists had a message for him.

“I just wanted to say I’m a big fan and I wanted to say hi to you,” Blake Shelton said via video message. “Keep up the good work. I’m jealous because you live up there in Indiana and that’s corn country up there … I love all the tractors. I’m a Kubota guy myself. I’m not sure what it is you drive, probably whatever it is you want with as famous as you are.”

Jackson reacted to Blake’s surprise following the show, saying, “That clip of Blake Shelton made my day. That just made my day. That was cool. He’s probably my top singer.”

Jackson Laux’s has had a TikTok channel for a few years, but went viral for the first time in early 2024. The viral video showed him at a tractor show standing around a table having a conversation with some industry reps about a Case combine.

In the clip, Jackson tells the men how they need to modify the combine to make it competitive in the market. He then makes it clear that he thinks John Deere has a better combine. The 10-minute conversation shows Jackson in his element, and the reactions of the men he is educating make the clip priceless.

Watch the video of Jackson Laux below! And subscribe to his TikTok channel for more amazing content.