Blake Shelton Pets Wild Opossum: “I Have The Vodka Reflexes Of A Rattlesnake”

The Voice / Instagram, Blake Shelton / Twitter

Blake Shelton made an unlikely friend and shared the interaction in two videos on his Twitter page.

In the first clip, the country star revealed that an opossum had come to steal his dinner. Shelton showed the animal munching over a large portion of meat. The “Minimum Wage” singer revealed that he had spent all night smoking the meat.

“Guess I’m making a frozen pizza,” Shelton shared in his caption.

While Shelton kept a safe distance from the wild animal in the first video, the country singer’s second clip shocked fans. Shelton stood close to the opossum and gave the animal head scratches. In the caption, the singer shared:

“But at least I made a new buddy! (Also I don’t recommend petting wild animals… It just so happens that I have the vodka reflexes of a rattlesnake!!!!)”

The animal stood still as Shelton reached down to pet its fur. After Shelton dropped his hand, the animal skittishly hurried to the opposite side of the railing.

See the full clip below.

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