Blake Shelton Is Growing His Mullet Back As A ‘Symbol Of Hope’

R. Diamond/WireImage/GettyImages

It’s been nearly 20 years since Blake Shelton became a household name after his debut single “Austin” topped the country charts. Perhaps the only thing more recognizable than his song was his infamous mullet, and it now appears that we’re all going to have a chance to see the country star rocking his signature early career look once again.

Shelton took to Twitter on March 17 to share that he was planning to grow his mullet back, with the approval of girlfriend Gwen Stefani, as a “symbol of hope” amid the coronavirus crisis that has cleared the Voice coach’s schedule for the foreseeable future.

The mullet’s return is a complete change of heart for Shelton who once called the look “ridiculous” and “stupid.”

During a past appearance on the TODAY Show, Blake acted shocked at the look when an old photo was shown on the screen.  “I mean, that is ridiculous. Why didn’t my family or friends tell me how stupid I looked?”

Host Al Roker tried to console him saying, “At the time it looked cool.” Blake replied “At what time did that look cool, Al?”

Annamaria DiSanto/WireImage

We can only assume that Shelton’s longtime girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, can be credited for the decision to grow back his curly locks.

She even helps him grow it by giving him trims, as you can see on his Tonight Show appearance in April! Watch it below.