Blake Shelton Brought His Mullet Back

Blake Shelton / YouTube

Blake Shelton kicked off his country music career with the release of his debut single, “Austin,” in 2001. The song became a #1 hit, and instantly put Shelton on the map.

During those early years, Shelton was known for rocking a long, curly mullet. He eventually ditched the hairstyle, but has often teased its return.

When things started shutting down in 2020, Shelton announced he was growing his mullet again “as a symbol of hope or some sh– like that.” He followed through with his promise, and grew his hair out.

While his hair never reached the same mullet-like look he had in the early 2000s, it got pretty long!

Now, Shelton brought his mullet back once more, and for an exciting reason.

On Monday (August 15), Shelton shared the cover art for his new single, “No Body.” The image shows Shelton sporting some luscious long locks under a black cowboy hat. He’s dressed in full-on cowboy garb, including a fancy belt buckle and a Western-style shirt.

Had to bring back the mullet just for y’all..” Shelton captioned the photo. “New song out this Friday. Pre-save link in bio.”


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But don’t get your hopes up too fast. Shelton’s mullet isn’t back for good. He seems to be wearing a wig in that picture, since he recently shared a video of himself with his usual shorter hairstyle.

The video shows Shelton rejoicing about a fun day of farming on his property in Oklahoma. He even sings a snippet of Jason Aldean‘s “Amarillo Sky.” Watch the clip below.

What about y’all…were you a fan of Shelton’s mullet back in the day?