Black Bear Chases Pets & Homeowner Into The House

ViralHog / YouTube

South Lake Tahoe, California resident, Lachmmie Coll-Gieg, heard a loud commotion going on in her back yard so she ran out to see what the noise was about.

One of her dogs protectively followed her and as she opened the door, jumped off the porch and ran out into the yard to investigate what her other dog was barking at so ferociously.

A security camera was set up in the back yard that captured what was going to happen next. It showed one of the dogs running off the screen into another part of the backyard to rally with its dog friend.

Within seconds you hear both the dogs barking as Lachmmie runs out into the backyard to check on them. The moment she steps out into the yard her dogs come running back as fast as they can towards the house with a big black bear behind them!

Lachmmie hastily runs for the house as the dogs follow her and the bear follows them. The bear was running so fast, it could have easily stopped Lachmmie from making it onto the house. Luckily, the bear ended up stopping just before the porch and turned around to run away.

Watch Bear Chase Dogs In The Video Below