Bindi, Robert, & Terri Irwin Pay Tribute On Social Media To Pet Chicken That Passed Away

(Left) Robert Irwin / Instagram/(Top Right) Terri Irwin / Twitter/(Bottom Right) Bindi Irwin / Instagram

Bindi and Robert Irwin love all animals, but both shared a special bond with a chicken known as “Piggy.” She was a member of their family for nearly 13 years, since Bindi and Robert were young.

So when Piggy recently passed away, the two Irwin kids were understandably heartbroken. They took to Instagram to pay tribute to their feathered friend.

Bindi and Robert shared some photos of Piggy alongside a sweet message detailing what she meant to them.

For nearly 13 years you made us smile through life’s ups and downs,” Bindi wrote. “Rest In Peace my lovely girl.”

She shared two photos of Piggy, one that shows her holding the sweet chicken in her arms, and another, closeup photo of just Piggy.

The two photos that Robert shared illustrated just how long Piggy has been in the Irwins’ lives. The first photo shows Robert and Piggy in more recent times, while the second photo shows Piggy and Robert when he was just a little boy.

Almost 13 years ago, ‘Piggy’ came into our family and brought so much joy to everyone who knew her over the years. I’ve never known a chicken with the character and personality that this hen had, she was one of a kind. We’ll miss you little Pig,” Robert wrote.

Bindi and Robert’s mother, Terri, said that Robert was only three when Piggy came into their lives. She said that Robert was the one who gave Piggy her name when they adopted her.

We loved her every day of her nearly 13 years,” Terri wrote on Twitter alongside some photos of herself, Robert, and Bindi with Piggy.


Even Bindi’s fiancé, Chandler Powell, took to his own Instagram to share a tribute to Piggy.

Hope chicken heaven has your favorite green grass and sunshine,” he wrote. “We’ll all miss you very much.”

Chandler shared four photos of Piggy, including one that shows him, Bindi, and Piggy at Easter time.

It’s obvious that Piggy was a beloved member of the Irwin family and that she’ll be dearly missed. May she rest in peace.

The Irwins also have a pet pug, named Stella, and they love her to pieces. You can hear Bindi and Robert talk about Stella in the video below.