Bindi Irwin Recalls Day She Found Out She Was Pregnant

Bindi Irwin / Instagram

On August 11, Bindi Irwin revealed that she and her husband, Chandler Powell, are expecting their first child.

Chandler and I are proud to announce that we’re expecting! It’s an honour to share this special moment in our lives with you,” Bindi wrote on social media. The couple posed for a photo that shows them holding up a tiny khaki shirt that will one day be worn by their child.

We couldn’t wait to share the news as this beautiful little being has become the most important part of our lives,” Bindi said in her pregnancy announcement post.

Now, just a little under a month after publicly revealing her pregnancy, Bindi has spoken about the day she learned she was expecting.

Discovering that I was going to become a mother will forever be a moment where time stood still,” Bindi wrote in a post on Instagram. The post accompanied a photo of her and Chandler petting their puppy, Piggy.

Bindi said Chandler was in the kitchen making tea when she went to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. When she saw it was positive, she rushed to the kitchen to tell Chandler the happy news:

He didn’t hear me come in so I speechlessly watched him pouring the water into my most loved hedgehog mug,” Bindi remembers. “This news would change the course of our future in the best way. I started crying tears of pure joy and told my sweetheart husband that my test was positive.”

After that, Bindi says she and Chandler sat down with their tea and talked about what the future has in store for them and their child. 

In that short span of time the gorgeous baby I’m carrying became the most important part of our lives,” she said.

Bindi went on to describe how she’s looking forward to seeing what her child will be like, saying, “I can’t wait to find out what this amazing new soul loves in life, and experience the world all over again through their eyes.”

Look below to read Bindi’s complete post about the moment she and Chandler learned they were expecting.

Reading Bindi’s post is sure to bring tears to your eyes. You can tell how much she and Chandler love their child already.

A huge congratulations to Bindi and Chandler (and Piggy!) on the upcoming addition to their family. We can’t wait to meet their little Wildlife Warrior!