Before & After Photos: Big Cities See Decrease In Air Pollution

LADBible / Instagram

Although we are currently in the midst of a worldwide pandemic due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it seems the air has never looked better.

Because most of the population is under strict stay-at-home orders, and many business have closed their doors, the pollution in the air has gone down significantly – and there are photos to prove it.

According to CBS News’ Jeff Berardelli, 2020 is on track to “see the largest yearly global decline ever in emissions.” Additionally, IQAir – a company who tracks the air quality around the globe – has said that Los Angeles, a city known for its smoggy air, currently has the cleanest air of any major city on the planet.

“About a year ago, Los Angeles was ranked the worst air quality in the entire country,” CEO of IQAir Glory Dolphin Hammes said. “Now, we’re seeing some of the best air quality, not just in the country, but in the world.”

Let’s take a look at some photos that prove all of this!

Los Angeles

Before lockdown…




Many other places are experiencing pollution side effects, much like the entire country of India, London, and Los Angeles. Yahoo Finance’s Instagram page put together a video showing the effects from Paris, New York, and more.

Watch it below.