Bear Swims After Man On Boat

The Venatic / Facebook

If you’re in the middle of a lake on a motorboat and you see a big brown bear swimming towards you, growling, you better hope that motor doesn’t fail.

One brave fisherman filmed a moment just like this between him and a brown bear that was swimming across a river. The guy appeared to be having a good time with it as he motorboated past the wild animal several times to get a better look at it. The bear was definitely full-grown and loud.

The Venatic / Facebook

Each time the fisherman drove past the brown bear, it made a fuss about it. When the boat got close, the bear would begin a series of growls and grunts in what appears to be an attempt to let the guy know if he gets too close to it he will be its meal for the night.

You could tell the bear was trying as hard as it could to swim towards the boat each time the man made a pass by it. He would slow the boat down to take a look at the bear making it think that it was going to catch up with him. However, right as the bear would get to the boat, the man would hit the gas and speed off leaving the bear a wave to deal with.

The man captured some great video footage of the bear trying to catch the boat.

Click below to watch the video.