Bear Cub Vs. Flagstick…Who Will Win?

WLOS ABC 13 / Facebook

ABC 13 shared some footage of three wild bear cubs getting rough and rowdy as they played on a golf course in Asheville, North Carolina on Sunday.

“Black bear sightings aren’t so uncommon anymore, but it’s not every day you get to see some cubs trying their hand at some golf!” WLOS ABC 13 wrote on Facebook.

The footage showed two of the bear cubs wrestling as hard as they could to make the other one submit as the third cub stood near them.

The excited third bear wanted in on the action so bad that it started doing battle with a golf course flag pole that was standing next to it on the green.

The bear cub jumped and climbed up the pole until it bent down to the ground and then it would try to bite the flag before the flag slung back up into the air out of the cub’s range.

It continued many times to try to wrestle the flag to the ground and appeared to be having the time of its life doing so. It was certainly an adorable sight to see, however, wildlife experts say to never get near them.

“Don’t feed them, don’t treat them as pets and let them be wild animals,” Ashley Hobbs with the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission told WLOS ABC 13.

Watch The Epic Bear Cub Footage Below