Baby Eaglet Dies From Rat Poisoning – Investigators Drop Full Report

CROW - Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc. / Facebook

About a month ago a famous baby eaglet named E14 died in North Fort Myers, Florida. The eaglet was being watched by the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. No one was sure how it died so they sent its body to a necropsy lab and finally got some answers.

The baby eaglet’s body was investigated and they found it rat poison in it, according to The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife Inc (CROW). Rat poison is known to prevent blood from clotting normally and will kill animals if they ingest enough of it. CROW posted an updated report on Facebook letting everyone know.

Executive Director Alison Charney from the Incorporation told NBC2 that the poison broke the eaglets feathers making it where the blood couldn’t clot and so it bled to death. Eagles naturally hunt for rabbits, rats and other rodents and the mother must have brought back a poisoned rodent and fed it to her baby.

The mother is still alive today but the baby was too small to handle that much poison. She probably found the rodent already dead and swooped it up and brought it back to the nest. The clinic says it’s not uncommon for birds of prey to eat rodents that have been poisoned, however, it affects the birds differently depending on their size. Unfortunately, E14 didn’t make it.