Baby Boy On The Way For ‘American Idol’ Champion

Phillip Phillips / Instagram

Oh boy…the American Idol family is getting bigger!

The world was first introduced to singer Phillip Phillips during Season 11 of American Idol. He wowed the judges with his renditions of “Superstition” and “Thriller.”

He went on to be the only contestant that year to never be in jeopardy, and was named the season’s champion in a record-breaking 132 million votes cast. His coronation song, “Home,” had the biggest digital sales week of any Idol champion’s winning single.

Post-Idol, Phillips married the love of his life, Hannah Blackwell, on October 24, 2015. They’ve maintained a pretty low-key lifestyle, but did have a huge announcement to share with the world on July 3.

In an Instagram post, they announced that they are expecting a son! Phillips shared a photo of him and his wife laying down next to a onesie that read, “Gentleman,” along with an ultrasound photo.

Phillips used the hashtag, “#P^3.” We’re not sure if he meant Phillips to the power of three – meaning his new three-person family, or Phillip Phillips to the power of three, as in Phillip Phillips III.

Either way, we are so excited for Phillip and Hannah! Congratulations!