Australian Farmer’s Reaction After First Rain In 18 Months Extinguishes 32 Bushfires

Australian Story / Facebook

A farmer from Australia screams out with excitement as rain finally pours down onto his farm in New South Wales. The intense 18 months of drought Australia has been experiencing has kept the area dangerously dry and the rain is a big relief.

Australia has really needed the downpour, especially because of the wildfires. The Dailymail reported that the rain helped put out more than 32 bushfires that were still ongoing in New South Wales. More good news is it’s expected to rain more this weekend and the heaviest downpour is expected to hit Sydney and Brisbane.

The farmer in the video screams, “Yeah, bring it on” as he steps outside and takes his hat off to let the rain hit him in the face. “Send it down. Oh yeah, let’s get wet!” he continues.

It was heartwarming to see the joy on his face. That rain will definitely help the grass grow tall to feed his cows. The only thing that could be bad about the rain is due to the wildfires, ash is everywhere and the rain may cause water supplies to become contaminated, not to mention possibly flash flooding and landslides.

Overall, it was much needed and hopefully the heavy rain projected for this weekend extinguishes the rest of the wildfires and Australia can get back to regrowing its forest.

Watch Australian Farmer’s Reaction To Rain Below