Audrey McGraw Covers Linda Ronstadt’s “You’re No Good” During Soundcheck Performance


Audrey McGraw, daughter of country music icons Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, once again proved her undeniable talent during a recent soundcheck performance.

Audrey McGraw Sings a Timeless Classic

In a video shared on her Instagram, the 22-year-old delivered a mesmerizing rendition of Linda Ronstadt’s classic hit, “You’re No Good,” originally released in 1974.


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This isn’t the first time Audrey has impressed audiences with her singing, however. Her talent has gained a lot of attention, with her proud father, Tim McGraw, frequently sharing her performances on his social media platforms.

Just recently, Tim posted a video on Instagram capturing Audrey’s flawless acoustic cover of Tammy Wynette’s classic, “Stand By Your Man,” as she skillfully played the piano. Fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Audrey’s powerful voice and her country sensation mother.


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In the video, Tim praised Audrey’s talents, labeling her as a fantastic singer and a talented songwriter. He described Audrey as “special” and gushed at the depth and uniqueness of her voice.

“Audrey, she’s so special. She’s such an incredible writer, as well. I mean, we get to hear this whenever she’s home, she’ll sit at the piano. We can hear this all through the house, and we can hear the stuff that she’s writing. And I’m telling you, her voice and the things that she writes are just so mind-blowing, and so deep, and so special.”

“She’s just…she’s a true artist,” he continued. “She’s got a true artist soul. And we’re lucky enough we get to hear this when she’s at home and she sits around to play the piano and Faith and I will just sit there and just listen. And she doesn’t know we’re listening half the time. Sometimes we have to sneak around so she can watch her so she doesn’t see us because she’ll stop sometimes. But my goodness, I am proud…I mean, gosh, these girls.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill aren’t just the parents of 22-year-old Audrey; they also have two other daughters—Maggie, 25, and Gracie, 26.

Watch Audrey McGraw cover Linda Ronstadt’s “You’re No Good” in the video below.