Assisted Living Facility Goes “Wild” With Booze & Tattoo Happy Hour

Wesley House Assisted Living / Facebook

The Wesley House Assisted Living in Hillsboro, Texas has made a reputation for themselves thanks to a new concept of happy hour for its senior residents.

The COVID-19 pandemic had senior residents in a gloomy mood because it was hard for them having less contact with their families. The facility said it houses around 30 residents and most of them are very independent, so being locked down turned their lives upside down.

To bring joy and smiles to its residents, the assisted living facility decided to go wild and organize a happy hour. This time, the happy hour theme was about alcohol and tattoos.

“Had a few drinks and got tattoos! This quarantine has got us going wild!” The facility posted on Facebook.

With the help of the living facility, the senior residents kicked it back after staying safe during the pandemic.

“The tattoo idea came from me planning this month’s happy hour and thinking, wow, (we’re) already in August, this is crazy!” Susie Castillo, activity direcor of the facility shared with KETV. “We’re going crazy! So I thought what is something crazy that people do when they drink? Get tattoos!!”

They enjoyed this special happy hour and lived it up. The facility shared nice pictures of the senior residents sporting their temporary tattoos.

Watch The Interview On The Alcohol & Tattoo Party