Ashley Campbell Remembers Father Glen On Anniversary Of His Death

Ashley singing with her dad Glen.

@ashcambanjo / Instagram

In a touching tribute, Ashley Campbell, the daughter of the late Glen Campbell, took to Instagram to honor her father on the sixth anniversary of his passing.

Sharing a heartwarming video of herself and her father engaged in a soulful duet, Ashley’s caption captured the essence of their unbreakable bond:

“Six years missing you and wishing we could sing together just one more time. I love you dad and not a day goes by where you’re not moving on the back roads by the rivers of my memory, ever smiling, ever gentle on my mind,” she wrote on Instagram.

Glen Campbell’s Journey & Ashley’s Music Career

Glen Travis Campbell, an American country music icon born on April 22, 1936, left an indelible mark on the industry through his soul-stirring melodies and compelling performances.

Renowned for his chart-topping hits during the 1960s and 1970s, Campbell’s legacy encompassed not only his musical prowess but also his versatility as an actor and a songwriter. Hosting The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour on CBS television from 1969 to 1972, he showed how it was done to bridge the gap between music and entertainment.

However, his journey was not without its challenges. In June 2011, Glen Campbell publicly disclosed his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, a turning point that would shape the latter years of his life. Despite the diagnosis, Campbell’s determination remained steadfast, with an unforgettable farewell tour that showcased his unwavering commitment to his art, despite the heart-wrenching effects of the disease.

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The subsequent documentary, “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me,” offered an intimate glimpse into the interplay between Campbell’s music and his battle with Alzheimer’s, earning accolades and a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ashley Campbell, the youngest of Glen’s eight children, has beautifully carried forward her father’s musical legacy. A Pepperdine University graduate with a degree in Theater, Ashley initially ventured into comedy before emerging as a rising country music sensation.

Her banjo-playing skills graced her father’s farewell tour, and her debut single “Remembering,” a heartfelt tribute to her father’s struggle with Alzheimer’s, struck a chord with listeners worldwide. The song’s inclusion in the documentary’s soundtrack led to Grammy recognition, showcasing the power of her musical talent.

Looking ahead, Ashley Campbell’s music career is poised for new heights. With a record deal in the works under the Dot Records label, a subsidiary of the Big Machine Label Group, her artistry is set to flourish.

As she continues to embrace her father’s musical legacy and forge her path in the industry, Ashley’s dedication and passion promise a future brimming with heartfelt melodies and soulful connections.

Ashley singing with her dad Glen.
@ashcambanjo / Instagram

In a recent Q&A with Easterseals, Ashley said, “When I think of my dad, I just think of how every time he first laid eyes on me whenever I would walk in the room or come home, the first thing I would see is a big smile. And it wasn’t just on his face. It was in his eyes.”

This statement captures the strong love and bond between Ashley and her father, a sentiment that lives on through her music and her tribute videos, like the one she shared on his anniversary.

Watch Ashley’s Instagram Video Of Her Singing With Her Dad Below