Army Dad Disguised As Flower Delivery Man Surprises Wife & Kids

The Tuscaloosa News / Facebook

Sgt. 1st Class Patrick Lee was away serving the U.S. Army for over a year when he got cleared to come home and surprise his family.

The Tuscaloosa News / Facebook

Video footage showed Patrick setting up some balloons and flowers on the front porch of his home where two of his four daughters were, along with his wife who were all inside and unaware that he was home.

He returned home from his fourth deployment just in time for his and his wife’s 20th anniversary. After getting everything placed just right on the porch, he rang the doorbell and then ran off to the side of the house to hide.

His wife was the first person to open the front door and came outside to see the beautiful flowers and balloons waiting for her.  She looked all around with a confused face realizing there was no one there.

Then, from the corner of the house, the video shows Patrick come walking towards the love of his life. She sees him and puts her hand over her mouth in shock and runs to him. Two of their younger daughters follow their mother out the door and run up to him as well.

The surprise wasn’t over though! His other two daughters were away but the family worked together to surprise them as well when they returned back home and it was all caught on camera.

The footage is truly heartwarming. Check it out below.