Are These “Yellowstone” Actors Married? Fans Seem To Think So

Hassie Harrison / Instagram

Hassie Harrington and Ryan Bingham’s spark on the television show Yellowstone carried over into real life, and now, fans are speculating that they tied the knot.

Who are Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham?

Actress Hassie Harrison and actor/singer Ryan Bingham play an on-screen couple in Yellowstone. Harrison plays the character of Laramie, a talented barrel racer, while Bingham takes on the role of Walker, a ranch hand branded by the Yellowstone ranch. In the show, Laramie initially formed a connection with Lloyd, but when Walker re-entered the bunkhouse, she found herself in his arms and eventually sharing a bed. The tension escalated as Lloyd and Walker engaged in a fiery, well-known brawl, driven by their conflicting feelings for Laramie.

Off-screen the three actors couldn’t be closer! Harrison made sure fans knew that with an Instagram post in November 2021. She captioned a photo of herself with Bingham and Forrie J. Smith, who plays Lloyd, alongside the caption, “Three goofballs taking a break from pretending to be all dramatic and shit.”

Hassie and Ryan are more than just friends.

Harrison and Bingham revealed a deeper connection beyond friendship back in April! The Academy Award-winning songwriter took to Instagram, posting a picture of himself and Harrison sharing a kiss against the backdrop of a roaring fire. His caption, “More than a spark,” hinted at their blossoming romance.


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Although her face remained unseen in the photo, Ryan tagged her, leaving no doubt about the identity of his kissing partner. Their relationship appears to have a history, evident from Hassie’s comment: “I love you, cowboy.”

Hassie Harrison's comment on boyfriend Ryan Bingham's stagram post.
Ryan Bingham / Instagram

It seems their relationship was even more serious than anyone thought, seeing as it it was reported in June that they purchased a home together.

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Several months later, there is even more speculation about their relationship status.

In an Instagram post that Bingham posted on November 30th promoting his bourbon, he can be seen wearing a wedding ring. Even though the post was about entering a contest, nearly every single comment on the post was asking if he and Harrison had tied the knot!

See some of the reactions below.

“Ummmm, is that a wedding ring?! How did I not hear this?”

“280 comments and 250 of them say ‘are we not talking about the ring?'”


“Why are you flashing that ring”

Now, TMZ is reporting that a source has told them that Harrison and Bingham got married in Harrison’s hometown of Dallas, Texas in October.

Since their April social media debut, the couple hasn’t been shy sharing about their time as a couple. This summer, Harrison joined Bingham while he played several music festivals.

If true, we hope they are so happy and congratulate them on their nuptials! If not, they still look extremely happy! Check out one of their latests post together below.