“American Idol” Says This Season’s Hollywood Week Will Have A “Twist”

American Idol / YouTube

The American Idol reboot is now in its third season, so it seemed like a good time to shake things up on the show.

Before the current season debuted, judge Luke Bryan teased some “changes” to come. 

In a since-deleted post on social media, Idol had the judges, host Ryan Seacrest, and mentor Bobby Bones talk about what the new season has to offer. That’s when Bryan talked about the changes fans will see this season, saying, “Plus with all the new changes coming to ‘American Idol,’ everything can happen.”

Now, it appears that fans will finally get the chance to see one of those changes on an upcoming episode of the show.

The last auditions for the current season will air on Sunday (March 15). Then, Idol‘s first “Hollywood Week” episode will air on Monday (September 16).

In the past, Hollywood Week has been the week when all of the Idol hopefuls travel to LA to further prove their talents to the judges. They typically deliver group performances as well, and the judges make more cuts as they see fit.

Last season’s winner, Laine Hardy, delivered a group performance during Hollywood Week with another future finalist, Laci Kaye Booth.

But with the changes coming to Hollywood Week this year, who knows if we’ll still have group performances like we did when Hardy was on the show!

Idol began teasing a “twist” to come during its first Hollywood Week episode of the season. It did so by posting photos of the judges, Seacrest, and Bones, all with the same caption.

We’re changing things up. #AmericanIdol is new Sunday and kicks off Hollywood Week with a twist on Monday!” read the captions.

Only time will tell what that “twist” may be! Are y’all anxious to find out what it is?

We do already know about at least one change coming to Idol this season. The show is gaining a fourth addition to the judges’ panel! Well, at least, kind of.

In early March, judge Katy Perry announced she is expecting her first child. Bryan and their fellow judge Lionel Richie said her baby was basically a fourth member of the judging lineup.

You can watch Perry share her happy news with the Idol cast and crew below.

A lot of exciting things are happening on this season of Idol, that’s for sure!