‘American Idol’ Blamed For ‘The Downfall Of Society’

ABC/American Idol/Instagram

Whoopi Goldberg, the outspoken co-host of the popular talk show The View, has stirred up controversy yet again. This time, she directed her criticism towards, American Idol, blaming it for what she believes is the “beginning of the downfall of society.”

Goldberg’s remarks came during a panel discussion on The View, where the ladies were discussing the recent Anna Nicole Smith documentary, You Don’t Know Me.

Goldberg argued that our society has developed an unhealthy obsession with judging others, and she believes it all started with reality competition shows like American Idol. She expressed her concerns about the show’s format, where the public is invited to decide the fate of contestants.

According to Goldberg, this gave people the ability to judge others and opened the floodgates for a culture of judgment and criticism. She emphasized, “Once we gave people the ability to judge other people, I think we ran amok… And it’s gone out of control.”

While her fellow panelists and the show’s producer tried to encourage her to focus on the positive aspects of American Idol, Goldberg made it clear that her criticism had nothing to do with ABC, the network that currently airs the show.

She reminded everyone that American Idol originally started on Fox and later moved to ABC. She acknowledged that the show has changed significantly since then, with a different judging panel and a different vibe.

Goldberg’s comments about American Idol raise important questions about the influence of reality TV on society. The show, which initially gained popularity for launching the careers of several music superstars, including Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, has also faced criticism for its harsh judging and public humiliation of contestants. Goldberg’s perspective challenges us to reflect on the impact of these types of shows on our culture and values.

While the show continues to entertain audiences with talented performers and emotional stories, Goldberg’s words remind us to be mindful of the potential consequences of a society built on judgment and public scrutiny.

As always, Whoopi Goldberg isn’t afraid to share her own opinions, even if they go against the grain. While her remarks may have ruffled some feathers, they certainly spark an interesting conversation about the role of reality TV and its impact on our society.