Alligator Fight Erupts On Florida Golf Course

BdbradberryFL / YouTube

During a golf game, two alligators engaged in a fierce battle, causing a group of golfers to put their game on pause and film a video of the wild animals fighting.

In the viral video, the two alligators, each measuring around 11 feet, were caught on camera facing off at the Eagles Golf Course in Tampa, Florida.

BdbradberryFL / YouTube

The astonishing footage captured the reptiles thrashing their tails, snapping their jaws, and flipping each other over during their intense showdown.

In the four-minute clip, two alligators can be seen attempting to bite each other’s tails while the golfer can be heard expressing their surprise with the phrase, “What the heck?”

As he approached the animals, he observed that one alligator had successfully flipped the other onto its back and was firmly gripping its leg.

BdbradberryFL / YouTube

Despite the other alligator having a dangerous chokehold on its neck, the supine alligator managed to flip over onto its stomach.

The lethal grip eventually loosened, and the two alligators resumed their vicious fight, thrashing about while the golfers watched in shock.

During the altercation, the golfer showcased what seemed to be a broken alligator tooth by extending his hand in front of the camera. It apparently fell off during the scuffle and was now a souvenir for the golfer to keep.

BdbradberryFL / YouTube

The two alligators bore bloody wounds, as visible gashes could be seen on their bodies, before eventually fleeing from each other.

While one of the alligators had difficulty walking, the other managed to slip into the water, leaving its adversary barely able to move.

Following a duration of nearly five minutes, both alligators gazed at each other in the water, appearing too exhausted to carry on.

The video was posted to YouTube with the caption, “Two huge 11 foot gators fighting at The Eagles Golf Course in Tampa, FL. Footage of alligators in the wild fighting for territory and mating rights. Yes, I realize vertical footage sucks. I had just gotten the phone and didn’t want to turn it after I started recording. Next time I come across this I will film it horizontally, I promise.”

Watch The Gator Fight Footage Below