All 4 “Voice” Coaches Unite To Sing “The Christmas Song” During Season 22 Finale


The Voice / YouTube


The Season 22 finale of The Voice occurred the week before Christmas. So all four coaches united onstage to share some holiday cheer through a special performance.

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Camila Cabello collaborated on a cover of “The Christmas Song.” Legend started off singing first, followed by Cabello, then Stefani, and finally Shelton.


After their solos, the coaches paused for a short instrumental break. They ended the song by singing in unison at the center of the stage.

The audience cheered like wild after the song ended. Viewers at home also loved the coaches’ holiday performance.

Some of the comments on YouTube were:

“All the coaches did a beautiful job with this performance and did a excellent job performing the song.”

“Wow that was pretty awesome! Loved how jazzy this sounded and it was beautifully done.”

“My favorite Christmas song and they gave it a loving rendition. Happy Holidays!”

“Gorgeous harmony Voice coaches!!!”

I love this so much! Please tell me this will be on I-Tunes! Please and thank you.”

Stefani also gushed about the performance on social media. She tweeted, “when i get 2 perform w my fellow judges, it’s a good night. when we’re singing christmas music?! the BEST night.”

If you missed the Season 22 Voice coaches singing “The Christmas Song,” be sure to check out the video below. We always enjoy hearing the coaches perform together!