Alan Jackson’s Youngest Daughter, Dani, Celebrates 23rd Birthday

(Left) Alan Jackson / Instagram/(Right) Mattie Jackson Selecman / Instagram

Alan Jackson and his wife Denise’s three daughters were just little girls when they appeared in the music video for his 2002 single, “Drive.” Now, Mattie, Ali, and Dani are all young women, ages 30, 27, and 23, respectively.

Ali just celebrated her 27th birthday on August 23. Her birthday came a little over a month after she married Sam Bradshaw on July 18.

The entire Jackson family got together at the wedding, and eldest daughter Mattie shared a series of photos showing all of them together. The girls are all grown up now!

Youngest daughter Dani, who was part of her sister’s wedding party, recently celebrated her birthday as well. She was born on August 28, 1997.

You can see Dani in all of the above photos, except for the last one. (In photo #1 for example, she is the blond standing to the left of Denise).

Big sister Mattie recognized her littlest sister’s 23rd birthday with a post on Instagram. She shared a slideshow of photos in honor of the occasion, including a throwback to their childhood as well as some more modern snapshots.

Happy 23rd birthday to my baby sister @danigrace11 !” Mattie wrote. “I have truly never known someone with such a tender, loving heart. You are more beautiful in more ways than you know, and I am so grateful to be your sister and friend.”

Look below to see all of the pictures Mattie shared of Dani in honor of her 23rd birthday.

All three of Alan and Denise’s daughters have grown up to be such beautiful ladies. 

Look below to see more photos of Alan’s family by watching his official music video for “The Older I Get.” The clip contains pictures from throughout his life and career, and contains several family snapshots.

We hope Dani had a wonderful 23rd birthday! Here’s to many more.