After Unexpected Appendix Surgery, Will Kelly Clarkson Be On ‘The Voice’ Tonight?

The Voice / Instagram

Just hours after hosting her second-straight Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, May 1 – and flawlessly, we might add – Kelly Clarkson underwent surgery to remove her appendix. The Voice coach hosted the event, sang a medley of songs, and performed her latest single “Broken & Beautiful” from her movie Ugly Dolls, and she was in excruciating pain the entire time.

Thursday morning (May 2), Clarkson revealed on Twitter that she broke down “in tears after the show from pain.” She flew straight to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and had surgery right away. The superstar had been quietly battling appendicitis all week long.

It’s been a couple days since her surgery, and Clarkson took to twitter again to reveal to her fans just how hard it has been to recover.

Recovering after surgery super duper sucks,” she wrote. “Turns out I don’t “rest” well (so bored), pain meds make me feel a different kind of horrible 2 where I question if I’d just rather feel the pain instead, & 2 out of the 3 scars feel as if Lord Voldemort is always near.”

While none of us saw her even show an ounce of pain, one fan noticed that Clarkson had been standing during the commercial breaks while filming The Voice last week, and asked her if the appendicitis was why she did that.

Yes it was haha. That’s hilarious that you put that together,” she replied.

There is one question left on every fan’s mind: Will Kelly be on The Voice tonight? As the show’s social media channels have pointed out, it is filmed live, and Clarkson has two singers performing tonight!

The Voice films in Los Angeles live for the East Coast’s 8pm broadcast, meaning they’d begin filming at 5pm PST. Usually, by now Clarkson would have some communication with her fans on her Instagram story, but her channel is unusually quiet.

A report from Entertainment Tonight on Thursday (May 2) said she plans to be back at work tonight, but only time will tell!

Even a fan account on Twitter has created a poll to see if fans think she will be well enough to appear on The Voice tonight.

Do you think Kelly Clarkson will be well enough to get back to her coaching duties tonight? Let us know in the comments.