90-Year-Old Woman Stands Up From Chair To Sing Gospel Song “What A Time In Heaven”

Lincoln Bragg Jr./Facebook

Two weeks before her 91st birthday, a woman named Fannie Spaulding from Crum, West Virginia put on the show of her lifetime.

Letting the Holy Spirit lead her in song, Fannie’s impromptu shout out to the Gospel has now been viewed millions of times on Facebook.

Facebook / Lincoln Bragg Jr.

Out Of The Blue

Family members had stopped by for a visit to the 90-year-young songstress decided to do what she does best – entertain them! Out of the blue, Spaulding stood up and began singing.

Dressed in her finest pink nightgown and natural bare feet, Fannie shared a joyful song with the audience around her.

Whether it was a tune she had been humming or one that just seemed right for the time of her life, Fannie chose “What a Time in Heaven” to serenade her guests.

Paradise Called Heaven

You can hear some of her visitors join in and share the praise-filled performance as she celebrates the hopes and rewards of the paradise called Heaven.

What a time in Heaven, when I lay those burdens down,” she sang. “What a time in Heaven, when I put on my robe and crown.”

Once In A Lifetime Performance

Fannie Spaulding closed her eyes and followed her heart as she delivered this once-in-a-lifetime performance.

She had no idea it would go viral. It’s obvious age hasn’t dampened Fannie’s joy nor her joyful spirit.

Sit back and enjoy “What A Time In Heaven,” as you’ve never heard it before. It’s an act you won’t forget.

What do you think of Fannie’s spontaneous performance?