770-Pound Male Crocodile Captured By Wildlife Rangers In Australia

Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife / Facebook

A giant male crocodile was captured by wildlife rangers in Australia’s northern territory. It happened in an area about 75 miles southwest of Katherine, where tourists are used to visiting.

Katherine senior wildlife ranger, John Burke, told ABC News that it is the biggest crocodile they have caught from the area in half a decade.


“I certainly wouldn’t want to run across him when I’m out fishing. With the weather warming up, the crocodiles are becoming active. They’re moving into breeding season as well, and the rivers are low and they’re out looking for mates, particularly the big males,” John said to Australia’s ABC News outlet.

Capturing a big crocodile isn’t uncommon in the Katherine River. The average length of crocodiles that rangers catch are about 11 feet long. The big ones can be up to 15.4 feet.


Katherine wildlife rangers captured more than 20 crocodiles from the River three years ago. However, due to the region suffering from low rainfall, crocodiles haven’t moved much and stayed mainly in the water holes. John told ABC News that the number of captured crocodiles decreased drastically recently.

Regarding the 770-pound male crocodile, he was moved to a farm for breeding stock.

“Hopefully, it will be a little croc resort there and he’ll have a new girlfriend,” John told ABC News.