7 Alternative Uses For WD-40

America’s favorite multi-use product has always been lauded for its seemingly endless number of uses, and while it has so very many – we’ve wrangled up a few you might not know about!

As they say, if it can’t be fixed with a hammer, duct tape, or WD-40…it’s not worth fixing.

Check out these surprising and helpful household uses for WD-40 and make sure you always keep a can handy!

Keep Tool Handles From Splintering

Benjamin Rondel/Getty Images

It won’t make these garden and shop tools last forever, but WD-40 has some pretty cool qualities that will extend the life of wooden handles on heavy-use items. The chemical works by protecting the wood from moisture. If no moisture gets into the handle, then it can’t dry and split or crack!

Rub a generous amount of WD-40 into the wood using a rag or spray the handle down thoroughly and then rub in. Make sure to coat the entire handle.

Get Gum Out Of Your Hair & Clothes

The long-held belief that peanut butter was the only way to remove gum stuck in your hair or clothes has been officially busted!

If you wind up in this nightmarish situation, just reach for your friendly can of WD-40 and get to spraying and scraping that long-lost spearmint stick out of your stuff!

Always make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area (preferably outdoors) and that you spray with caution around faces/body parts.

Glassware / Dishes Stuck Together? Unstick ‘Em With WD-40

Watcharapon Thawornwichian/Getty Images

So your dishes have been sitting in the cabinet and you stacked them ever so carefully…but somehow they seem to always stick together. Perhaps you find that they ALWAYS stick – either way, when you can’t get them apart for the life of you, trust WD-40 to solve the problem.

Glassware and dishes will come unstuck in a matter of seconds with the help of WD-40’s unique formula. Just spray some into the crevice between the dishes. Wait a few seconds, and then pull them apart! It’s like magic!

Don’t forget to wash and clean the dishes thoroughly before use. 

Remove Super Glue & Adhesives From Anything

Did you get super glue all over your hands while helping put your kid’s school project together? Or maybe you regretted that bumper sticker you put on your car four years ago. No matter what happened, WD-40 has always been a go-to solvent to remove adhesives and residue from almost any surface!

Just spray down the area where there’s adhesive left and let the magic of WD-40 happen. Within a few seconds, the solvent nature of this wonder product will have your hands or car bumper fresh as new. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after use.

Get The Crayon Off Your Walls

If you’ve ever walked past a normally-blank wall in your house and discovered it had been doused in crayon graffiti, you know the sheer panic that sets in.

Will the paint come off when I clean it? Why did they have to pick the red crayon? So many questions run through your head as you march toward the kitchen to get a sponge and soapy water.


The next time you end up in this predicament, head right out to the garage and grab the WD-40. Yes, that’s right, y’all. WD-40 is a certified crayon graffiti remover!

With just some paper towels and a healthy coating of this miracle product, your wall will be back to its original color in no time. Make sure you wipe up all the excess WD-40 from the walls when you’re done, though!

Exterminate Roaches, Kill All The Bugs

Fernando Trabanco Fotografia/Getty Images

Wake up to an unwelcome guest crawling around your house? Find a cockroach trying to hide under the cabinet door? No matter what bug problem you have – WD-40 will kill everything.

Spray roaches with this solvent to kill them on contact. Squirt a bit on window ledges, doorways, and other small crevices where bugs can creep in through. This will keep them at bay for quite some time. Reapply as necessary.

DO NOT use this as a pest treatment if you have babies or small children in your home and ALWAYS make sure to ventilate treated areas well. 

Restore Stainless Steel To Its Natural Beauty

One of the many uses endorsed by WD-40 itself is not a cleaner, but a polishing trick that removes residue and restores stainless steel appliances and surfaces to their original shiny selves!

Just spray directly on the steel and rub with a rag to polish and clean that stainless fridge right back up!


What do you think of these surprising uses for WD-40? Have you tried any before? Let us know your results!