6 Black Bears Destroy Homeowner’s Bird Feeder

Patty Kiersten / Facebook

Patty Kiersten from Goshen, New York captured some amazing photos of a black bear and her five cubs ripping her bird feeder to shreds.

Patty Kiersten / Facebook

Patty said she placed the bird feeder in her yard in hopes of capturing some photos of a wild fox, however, that was not the case. When she turned out all the lights and went to bed, six bears came out around 2am and went straight for the bird feeder.

“I wasn’t expecting them so early. I nearly fell out of my chair after looking at the photos,” she shared with New York Upstate.

Patty Kiersten / Facebook

The photos show the momma bear standing up on her hind legs pawing at the bird feeder in order to knock it off its stand. Once the feeder was knocked down to the ground, it was on. The momma and baby bears completely destroyed it trying to access the seeds.

“Oh Boy…..Take the Bird Feeders down…Before the Bears do!” Patty wrote on Faceook. “Hoping to get a picture of the visiting Fox on the Trail Cam….Instead, 5 Yearlings and a Sow.” 

Officials say that the warm weather is bringing the bears out of hibernation in search of food and there has been a rise in reports statewide of bear sightings. They recommend that folks learn about bear safety to protect themselves. YouTuber, Kevin Outdoors, shares some incredible information about bear safety and how to act around them. Click below to hear what he’s got to say.

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