3 Students Give Dance To “Elvira” Wearing Oversized Cowboy Hats

YouTube/Boys And Girls Hairstyles

Donning comically large hats and making their legs look incredibly small, these three youngsters dazzle and delight the kids at a school assembly with this hilarious dance to one of country music’s favorite songs!

In an attempt to woo the student body and secure a vote for himself, young Walker convinced his sister and her two friends to perform this hilarious hat dance in front of their classmates – and luckily someone was there to record the whole thing!

Kickin’ up their boots to the tune of Oak Ridge Boys‘ classic hit, “Elvira,” the group calling themselves The Elvira Three, strutted their fancy hats and quick footwork out onto the gym floor and welcomed the roaring laughter from the crowd!

Y’all, get ready to laugh when you see how funny this dance is with these kids in their cleverly-designed costumes!

Watch “The Elvira Three” kick the dust up in the video below!