2019 Maryland Beachgoer Kicked By Horse After Being Told Not To Pet It

ViralHog / YouTube

Just as a word of advice…if you’re ever out somewhere and a sign tells you not to pet a wild animal, it may be wise to heed the sign’s warning and leave said animal alone.

This advice is something that one man unfortunately didn’t follow, but he did eventually learn his lesson. 

Assateague Island National Park in Maryland is home to many wild horses. These majestic animals can be seen enjoying the sun and the sand alongside beachgoers, though most people typically keep their distance.

After all, there are signs everywhere warning visitors not to touch the wild animals, since they are, you know, wild animals. As hard as it may be to resist the urge to pet the beautiful creatures, it’s in everyone’s best interest to leave them be.

But one man who stopped to visit the park on June 18, 2019 either read the warnings and chose to ignore them, or was completely oblivious to them. Because he decided it would be a brilliant idea to try and pet one of the wild horses that had made its way onto the beach.

According to the YouTube channel ViralHog, which uploaded a video of the man’s encounter with the horse, “He continued to pet the wild animal until he was given a reason to stop.”

And what was that reason, you ask? Well, that reason was none other than a swift kick delivered by the horse, which hit the man right in the “family jewels” if you catch our drift.

The well-placed and surely painful kick sent the man flying quite a ways into the sand behind him. He seemed shocked, though he shouldn’t have been surprised. Did he really think a wild horse was going to tolerate being touched?

While the man may have ignored all prior warnings about petting the wild horses, we feel pretty confident that he’ll never attempt to do so again. That horse made sure of it!

You can watch the painful encounter by tuning in to the clip below. The man got his fair share of karma that day, that’s for sure!