2 Pilots Dead After Air Tankers Collide While Fighting Nevada Wildfires

Eastern Nevada Interagency Fire

News 3 Las Vegas said the Federal Aviation Administration has reported that two single-engined Air Tractor AT8T airplanes deployed to help fight the wildfires in Nevada have collided in mid-air, killing both pilots.

“We offer our sincere condolences to the families of the two pilots and to all those working with the BLM Nevada Ely District,” Jon Raby, BLM Nevada State Director told News 3 Las Vegas.

The authorities said that the collision happened around 1:00pm near the intersection of Kane Springs Road and Riggs Road. There was only one person onboard each plane and the impact made it impossible for both pilots to land safely.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it was not one hundred percent clear yet on why the crash happened but the Bureau of Land Management said they are doing a full investigation on the incident.

“Recovery operations are currently underway and initial notifications are still being made,” the U.S. Bureau of Land Management said, according to MSN.

The planes can carry 800 gallons for of fire retardant and have the ability to maneuver into places that are too difficult for larger air tankers to reach. The pilots were trying to help contain a 14,000-acre blaze burning across federal land about 150 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

We offer our condolences to the family and loves ones of the pilots.