17-Year-Old “Voice” Hopeful Lands On Team Reba After Kelly Clarkson Cover

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Season 24 of The Voice is in the middle of the Blind Auditions, and it’s looking to be the most talented season yet!

The season premiered on September 28 and just aired its fifth episode of Blind Auditions on Monday (Oct. 9). This particular episode had 13 singers vying for spots on each coach’s team. Reba had a busy night, as she turned for ten of the thirteen singers in the episode! Fellow coaches turned their chairs much less with John Legend pressing his button for five singers, Niall Horan turning for 6, and Gwen Stefani turning for just five as well.

Niall Horan and Gwen Stefani on "The Voice"
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What happened in the latest episode of The Voice?

The first singer of the night was Lila Forde, who sang a rendition of Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home.” She got a four-chair turn, and eventually chose Legend, which fired up McEntire to get an even more talented artist on her team. With the next singer, McEntire did just that.

A stylish girl walked on stage and began singing Kelly Clarkson’s song “Trouble With Love Is.”

Immediately, the coaches were visibly impressed with her vocal runs at the beginning of the song. After a few bars, Horan was the first coach to turn, followed by McEntire after a short while. Legend and Stefani looked as though they contemplated very hard whether they would turn for her. The song ended and it was just McEntire and Horan who had to fight for her.

The coaches found out that the singer in front of them was only 17 years old! Her name is Angelina Nazarian, and she is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, but actually came to the audition from Dubai!

Niall vs. Reba

Each coach gave their arguments – or pleas – to Nazarian, who was happily taking it all in. Horan explained that he won the show the year prior with a singer similar to Nazarian, so he thinks they could do it again! McEntire used her expertise in the industry as an argument, that she has been headlining tours since the 1980s! She also leveraged her close relationship with Nazarian’s audition song’s artist – Kelly Clarkson!

McEntire said, “When she won the competition she was in, they told her she could choose anyone to sing in the finale with, and she chose me. That’s when I met her, so it makes me feel really good that you chose a Kelly song today.”

We think McEntire could have really used her Kelly card a little more. After all, she is Grandma to Kelly Clarkson’s kids! McEntire was married to Narvel Blackstock for 25 years, and Clarkson was married to Narvel’s son, Brandon, and had two children with him! Both couples have since been divorced. So for a while there, McEntire was Clarkson’s mother-in-law as well! Not only that, their professional relationship has spanned 20 years.

Who did Angelina choose?

In the end, Angelina chose to be a member of Team Reba! She was ecstatic! After the audition McEntire said, “To sing a Kelly Clarkson song, you either have to be crazy, or very talented. Angelina was very talented.”

Watch her audition below!