14-Year-Old Performs ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ And It’s Like Listening To Johnny Cash

KingDolphinThe1st / YouTube

It’s always rare to find a performance of an amateur singer do a country legend justice. Heck, it’s rare for a professional singer to do a country legend justice.

When 14-year-old Haavard Nilsen heard about his school’s talent show, he knew there was one particular song he had to sing – Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.”

He walked out on the stage in front of all his classmates wearing a red flannel shirt with suspenders, trying to channel his “inner country”.

I hear the train a-comin’,” was all he had to sing for the audience to go wild. His vocals completely shocked and impressed us! Nilsen has a buttery smooth baritone voice, much like Cash’s.

The most impressive part of the performance is that he could successfully hit those extremely low notes with ease. This is a performance we think Johnny Cash himself would have loved.

During the musical break, he walked around the stage and even did a little jig for his peers, who loved every second of it. The only thing Nilsen could have done differently was wear all black.

His performance was top-notch and we never wanted it to end! Watch his Nilsen’s incredible performance below.