13-Year-Old’s Cover Of Lainey Wilson Garners Attention Of Big Country Stars

(Background Photo) @thesingingbarber / TikTok (Circle Photo) Alysse Gafkjen / YouTube Music

An internet sensation is born as 13-year-old Rilee, a passionate country music fan, surprises viewers with a remarkable rendition of Lainey Wilson’s “Heart Like A Truck” in a TikTok video.

The unexpected performance occurred during a haircut session with viral barber Noah Peters. The video was shared on @thesingingbarber‘s TikTok page, which has gained popularity as customers sing while getting their hair cut. Given that the shop is situated in Benton, Tennessee, it makes perfect sense that there’s a tradition of singing country songs.

The caption on the viral video reads, “Sweet Rilee is only 13 years old. She has never sang in front of anyone. @LaineyWilson I want you to see this!!!!”

And remarkably, the country singer did! Wilson not only viewed the stellar cover of her hit single, but she also commented on the video.

Lainey Wilson's comment on The Singing Barber's TikTok video.
thesingingbarber / TikTok via Lainey Wilson

The video quickly made its way to the For You Pages of other country superstars.

Luke Combs watched Rilee’s rendition of “Heart Like A Truck” and praised her talent, stating, “You killed that Rilee! Keep it up.” Adding to the accolades, Jelly Roll gave Rilee a glowing review.

“She sounds incredible to be so young! Tell her keep chasing that dream, keep singing from the soul young lady!”

The next day, Morgan Wallen also chimed in. “She got something special! Keep goin.”

After only one day on TikTok, the video garnered a whopping 13.1 million views and is now up to 28 million views! 

Watch Rilee sing “Heart Like A Truck” below.


Sweet Rilee is only 13 years old. She has never sang in front of anyone. @Lainey Wilson i want you to see this!!!! #singingbarber

♬ original sound – Noah Peters

Having captured the attention of millions on TikTok and earning recognition from huge figures in country music, Rilee returned to the barber chair to treat her audience to another performance.

Noah Peters started the video off by saying, “You broke the internet last time,” and Rilee replied with a big smile on her face, “I know. I can’t believe it!”


This girl has amazing talent 🥰 #singingbarber #countrymusic #blowthisup #goodgirl #carrieunderwood #tennessee #germanfamilymusic #rileegerman #musiccity #nashville #grandoleopry #polkcountytennessee #countrygirl #musiciansoftiktok #singersoftiktok

♬ original sound – Karleigh💜

No doubt about it—sweet Rilee possesses incredible talent for a 13-year-old!

With her singing garnering widespread acclaim, the singing barber had Rilee back in his chair on Tuesday (Jan. 2) to deliver precisely what fans desired. TikTok commenters expressed their excitement, joyfully welcoming her back on their screens.

Literally opened tiktok just to see if she posted something new.

Her confidence has already went up a TON! She’s good!!!!!

Y’all are witnessing a young Superstar just starting out.

These just keep getting better everytime, but this is my favorite, keep going young lady.

Listen to Rilee’s newest video of her singing “Burning House” by Cam below!