13 Outrageous Chicken Coop Designs

Who said chicken coops have to be boring? From magical castles to space-age retreats, these 13 outrageous chicken coop designs prove that your feathered friends deserve to live in style.

1. The UFO

Image source: Reddit/Panda_911

The UFO coop is here to take your chickens on an intergalactic adventure! This out-of-this-world design features a flying saucer shape, glowing lights, and a ramp that looks like it’s straight from a sci-fi movie.

2. The Royal Family

Image Source: Homes of the Rich

Do you pamper your chickens as if they were royalty? Well, this whimsical, castle-inspired coop is about to take things up a notch. Complete with a stone tower, it ensures your barnyard friends strut around feeling nothing less than kings and queens.

3. Refurbished Police Car


Does your backyard need a little more law and order? This refurbished police car turned chicken coop could be the perfect addition if so. This unique coop has been transformed from a retired police car into the ultimate henhouse, complete with all the details of a classic police cruiser.

4. Chicken Church

Image Source: Todd Leach via Backyard Chickens

With its steeple and arched windows, this chicken coop, modeled after a charming countryside chapel, offers your feathered friends a cozy retreat that is both charming and functional.

5. Sitcom-Inspired

Image Source: Instagram/jenraynee

If you’re nostalgic for 90’s sitcoms, this “Central Perch” chicken coop could be just what you need. Inspired by the popular TV show Friends, this coop brings the beloved details of the show to your backyard, adding a fun touch to your home.

6. The Rocket

Image Source: Mr. Harris Tweed @ Tumblr

Get ready to launch your home into the spotlight with this rocket-shaped chicken coop. If you want to be the talk of the neighborhood and have the coolest home around, this coop is the way to do it.

7. Hobbit Home

Image Source: Hobbit Hole Store

This one is definitely for the Lord of the Rings fans! Get a whimsical vibe in your yard with the Hobbit Home chicken coop. With its rounded door, lush greenery, and earthy design, this coop offers a cozy and enchanting Shire-style option.

8. The Western Saloon

Image Source: Backyard Chickens

This chicken coop is straight out of the Wild West! This coop will have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time to the days of cowboys and outlaws. The coop features a tin awning, tiny fabric curtains, weathered wood siding, and a “EggcelsioR” sign in bold, Western-style lettering.

9. Cirque De Poulet

Image Source: vervainandtheroses

Properly named “Cirque De Poulet,” this circus-themed coop is a showstopper with its playful design and circus-inspired decor, offering your chickens a fun and imaginative place to live.

10. The Egg

Image Source: Imgur.com

What makes more sense than a chicken coop that’s shaped like an egg? With a smooth, oval exterior and a curved roof, your chickens will find a warm and inviting space that’s perfect for roosting, nesting, and laying eggs.

11. The DIY

Image Source: Imgur.com

This chicken coop is quite the DIY project, crafted from an old washing machine exterior, plywood, and a tarp. It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but I bet it does the trick just fine!

12. The Fast Food Coop

Facebook/Jackie Achilles

This fried chicken coop, inspired by everyone’s favorite fried chicken joint, KFC, is a hilarious way to add some fun and humor to your barnyard. With its red-and-white-striped design and Colonel-inspired details, it’s definitely a unique addition.

13. The Volkswagen Revamp

Image Source: Alternet.org

This chicken coop, made from an old Volkswagen, is definitely a way to transform something old into something new. If you happen to have an old car lying around, it’s as easy as adding hay and wire fencing to create your next coop.