12-Year-Old Violinist Performs ‘Carol Of The Bells’ For Steve Harvey On ‘Little Big Shots’

Little Big Shots / YouTube

Meet A Talented 12-Year-Old Musician

Over the course of its three seasons, the Steve Harvey-hosted Little Big Shots showcased some extraordinary young talent. So when it came time for the show to put together its Season 3 holiday special, it had no shortage of skilled acts to invite back.

One of the talented youngsters asked to perform for the holiday special was 12-year-old violin prodigy Sofia Miranda.

Miranda first appeared on Little Big Shots in early 2018. In an introductory video, she shared that she had been practicing the violin for seven years.

Clearly all of that practice paid off, because Miranda wowed everyone watching with her stunning performance that day.

A Christmas “Carol” Spectacular

But if you thought that was good, just wait until you see what this talented young violinist was able to pull off during the Little Big Shots Christmas special.

The song that Miranda performed was the longstanding Christmas classic, “Carol of the Bells.” The song dates back to 1914, and has often been played by violinists such as Miranda.

Famous violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling recently brought her rendition of the song to another televised Christmas special, CMA Country Christmas. Once everything wrapped up, her performance was hailed as one of the best of the night.

Sofia Earns Great Praise

The same can be said for Miranda’s performance of the song on Little Big Shots. After the special aired, viewers flocked to social media to praise the young instrumentalist.

One of her biggest champions was Harvey himself, whose tweets prompted others to compliment Miranda as well.


But don’t just take Harvey’s word for it. You have to watch Miranda’s performance to get a full understanding of just how impressed he was with her.

Talk About Jaw-Dropping…

Miranda started off playing slowly, but before long she burst into a faster pace with a flourish. Even though she seemed to be playing at the speed of light, she didn’t let that hold her back from throwing in a few twirls and small dance moves.

Harvey was clearly in awe of what he was watching, and everyone else was too. The crowd couldn’t get to its feet fast enough after Miranda finished playing!

Now it’s time for you to witness the extraordinary talent showcased by this young violinist. Check out her performance of “Carol of the Bells” below.

Big things are in store for this girl, that’s for sure!