12-Year-Old Kicked Out Of Class For “Don’t Tread On Me” Patch

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School Kicks 12-Year-Old Out Of Class For “Don’t Tread On Me” Patch

Teachers at a Colorado school district kicked a boy out of class for multiple days and would not let him return because he had a “DON’T TREAD ON ME” Gadsden flag patch on his backpack, and patriots all around America are fired up about it.

12-year-old Jaiden, an honor roll student making A’s, was pulled out of class and into a private office along with his parents to be told by school officials that he could not return to class until he removed the patch from his backpack. Little did they know, however, one of his family members was secretly recording the conversation that showed the intimate back-and-forth between the school official and Jaiden’s mother.

Photo of the boy and school officials in the meeting with his parents.
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Here’s What Was Said Between His Mom And The School

“Do they know what the Gadsden flag is?” the mother asked. “That it’s a historical flag?”

The school official responded, “The reason that they do not want the flag, the reason we do not want the flag, is due to its origins with slavery and slave trade.” 

For those who may not know, the flag patch simply shows a timber rattlesnake coiled up, hissing, and ready to strike with the words “DON’T TREAD ON ME” below, against a yellow background.

Jaiden’s mother questioned the Vanguard School official if she was confusing the flag with another flag. She suggested that maybe they were mistaking it for the Confederate flag, but the school official stood her ground, saying that the flag had to be removed because it might offend others in the class.

The mother stressed to the officials that she was already upset that they were causing her son to miss so much school, which would affect his grades and ability to make the honor roll this year. The school agreed; however, they stated again that he could not come back to class until he removed it.

“We can’t have that in and around other kids,” she said and told the mother that she is just here to enforce district policy and that the mother had every right to not agree.

Photo of the boy and school officials in the meeting with his parents.
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His Mother Educates The School On Their Own Policy

Jaiden’s mother infomred them that, “The ACLU says that he’s allowed to wear that. If you go on their website, it says in big letters. Unless there’s like a ban on patches, period, like if you said, ‘There’s no patches allowed at this school. You cannot display what you think,’ … or anything like that, I think it’s, like, one-sided.” 

“Other kids have patches,” 12-year-old Jaiden can be heard chiming in.

This is when the mother educated the school officials on the origins of the Gadsden flag and encouraged them to go to the American Civil Liberties Union website so that they could learn it for themselves.

“He takes his classes seriously,” she said. “He studies. He wants to get straight As. He made honor roll when he was here before. He intends to do that again. But it’s hard because he keeps missing class for this. We teach him to always stick up for your beliefs, and, I mean, you’re going over the Revolution for seventh grade. I mean, the Founding Fathers stood up for what they believed in against unjust laws. This is unjust.”

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The video of the back-and-fourth between the mother and the school district seems to be gaining a lot of attention and you can watch the full video below to see how it all went down!