115-Foot-Tall Kobe Bryant Mural Printed In The Grass Of Park In California

New Ground Technology / Facebook

Kobe Bryant who recently died in a helicopter crash was honored by New Ground Technology in Pleasanton, California after they created a gigantic mural of the legend in the middle of a baseball field.

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New Ground Technology / Facebook

The mural lays on the field 115 feet tall and 92 feet wide. It displays Kobe Bryant smiling and holding a basketball with his legendary Lakers jersey on. The creative artist of New Ground Technology, Kelli Pearson, designed the image and her husband, Pete Davis, printed the image onto the field.

The machine they use to print images onto grass looks like a lawnmower but it doesn’t cut the grass. It actually blows air on the grass to create the image and it uses GPS to make sure all the details come out just right.

New Ground Technology / Facebook

“The TurfPrinter technology blows air to gently bend the grass away or towards you to make up the dark and light contrast,” Kelli said in a CBS 5 interview.

The mural can’t be seen from the ground; it can only be seen from the sky and will stay intact for about two days. After that, the grass will naturally move back into its normal position. The couple decided to not give away the murals exact location to prevent people from walking on it and messing it up, but they said it’s located in one of the many parks in Pleasanton.