103-Year-Old Woman Drinks Bud Light After Beating COVID-19

Wicked Local South Raynham / YouTube

As the world is still struggling through an ongoing pandemic it’s nice to hear good news every once in a while. Jenny Stejna is a 103-year-old Polish grandmother who lives in Massachusetts nursing home, Life Care Center of Wilbraham. According to the Washington Post, she became both the first person to contract the deadly virus in the facility, and the first there to beat it.

3 weeks ago, Stejna tested positive for coronavirus when she had a low-grade fever and was immediately moved to a separate ward where she battled the virus for about 20 days.

Her grandson, David Stejna told the Post,

“We were hopeful, but then things started to trend downward so we were bracing for the worst. She lost her appetite and getting her to stay hydrated was challenging.”

Her condition continued to worsen and the family was called to say their final goodbyes. Her granddaughter’s husband, Adam Gunn, asked her if she was ready to go to heaven and she replied,

“Hell yes!”

The family was shocked when Stejna miraculously awoke the next day and told everyone to get out of her room and that she wasn’t sick anymore. By May 13, she was officially cleared of COVID-19.

To celebrate, a nurse bought Stejna a six-pack of Bud Light knowing that she loved the beverage and it was well-deserved.