Brace Yourself: Blake Shelton’s ‘I Lived It’ Video Will Bring On The Waterworks


Blake Shelton / YouTube


As he was gearing up to release his latest album Texoma Shore, Blake Shelton clued fans in on what they could expect from the record. He promised a return to his older sound, harkening back to the days when he recorded “Austin” and “The Baby.”

Once the album debuted, fans saw that Shelton delivered on that promise. Perhaps one of the most authentic songs on the album in terms of sound and theme is “I Lived It.”


In January, Shelton released “I Lived It” as the second single off of Texoma Shore. Although Shelton didn’t write the song, fans were quick to note how it sounded like something straight from his own mind.

With lyrics such as “Wouldn’t dream of spending that two dollar bill from pushing a lawnmower ‘round,” the song is deeply sentimental. After Shelton reflects on such moments, he sings how other people may not understand since they haven’t been through the same things. But he says that because of those moments, he has turned into the person he is today.

The message Shelton conveys through “I Lived It” is one that fans have easily been able to connect with. In the month since its release, the song has already climbed as high as the 19th spot on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Shelton upped the nostalgia factor when he debuted the music video for “I Lived It” in March 2018. The video shows Shelton walking down an old dirt road as he reflects on memories from his childhood and teenage years.

The memories Shelton sings of play out right before your eyes, as actors playing younger versions of himself act out those moments. You also get small glances into Shelton’s real-life childhood, as a few images from his younger years appear in the video as well.

For anyone who had a similar upbringing to Shelton’s, this video is sure to take you back. Don’t be surprised if it gets the waterworks going…


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